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Task management with Prostoy Business

Each task passes few stages before its actually performed: creation, assignation to executor, determination of the time limits and some other. Beside this, different tasks have different priorities and some of them are interrelated. A project usually consists of many tasks and for the effective management it is better to see them as a whole picture and not just the separate elements. "Prostoy Business" system aimed to ease task management on each stage by sophisticated visualization. Program interface allows to create task inside the project and task inside the task if needed. User can immediately determine the complexity, importance and other properties of the concrete objective. Task can be assigned to employees, as "Prostoy Business" system implies socialization inside the enterprise by the instrumentality of software.

It is also possible to attach files of any format, to add data from memory buffer, including text and images. Notification system allows to send reminder about completion date of the task via text message. Notification can be set as a repetitive one if objective implies the repeated execution. Access control function provides security as it is possible to adjust accessibility of the content for the different users. Tasks can be moved from one location to another - user is able to insert one task into another, to move tasks and sub tasks from project to project. "Prostoy Business" system provides user with an interface, where different task statuses are indicated graphically. For example, bold font means there are some unread messages inside the concrete task, underline is aimed to emphasize high priority of the objective.

Each task can be attended with various comments about time, authorship, attachments and other parameters. Therefore, it is easy to recover the history of the task completion, it simplifies management and ensures statistical control. All of those features can decrease time expenditures and improve overall performance of the business entity.