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Personal information management PIM

With the help of "Prostoy Business" you can improve your own performance not just by reading the appropriate material posted on our site, but also by using the features that are already implemented into software. For example, "Prostoy Business" communication tools allow you to stay connected with your colleagues and partners. With our convenient messengers you can always stay in touch with internal and external contacts. Messenger helps to ease intercourse and reduces time expenditures for the discussions, as you can open conference sessions with multiple participants and solve arising business problems faster and more effectively.

Beside communication tools, there is strong time management system, objectified into various elements of "Prostoy Business" program. For example, My Tasks tab offers a possibility to organize your feature objectives in a descriptive way, to outline plan of work, which significantly increases efficiency. Current Tasks page reflects all your present activities and objectives. Here you can easily trace your workload and time expenditures for each task. Therefore, you get holistic picture of your real effectiveness. Basing on this information, you will be able to plan your time with higher accuracy. Start tab includes a set of various functions that streamline effective organization of many work processes. In Tools area you can use calendar that reflects the whole history of the completed tasks, and also check tasks that have to be executed in the immediate future. My Reminder allows to set notifications, so you will never forget about important tasks. Notifications contain comments, so you will also receive short description of the objective.

Therefore, with "Prostoy Business" you will communicate efficiently and manage your time significantly. Beside this, "Prostoy Business" offers various programs of professional development, allows to increase motivation, as you perfectly aware of your concrete tasks and time limits. And if the idea and technologies behind "Prostoy Business" are complex, their implementation is very easy for the user, no special knowledge required. Start to improve your personal effectiveness with "Prostoy Business" now and you will get first results very soon.