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Call Center

Users are able to make internal calls to other users (inside the system) and external calls to any specified phone number.

Telephony icon Call, Center located in the lower left corner of the program's main window, shows the status of voice communications server:

Call, CenterServer is connected, 

Call, Center"Do not accept incoming calls" option is enabled  

Call, CenterConnection to the server is prohibited by settings

Call, CenterThe client is not able to connect to a server    

Context menu of this icon allows to connect/disconnect voice communication server, to open Call Center option on the tab Call History or Phone Settings, and to enable/disable "Do not accept incoming calls" option.

Call Center window

Call Center allows to make calls, view the history of calls, define telephony settings, and send text messages.

To open Call Center window press "Calls" option in the main menu, or icon of the telephony server (lower left corner of the main window). You can also use a combination of hotkeys Win + C.

Call Center window contains several tabs:

Tab "Calls"

Allows to view the history of the last 100 calls.

Call, Center

Calls are listed in chronological order. For each entry the following parameters are specified: user name (if it is internal call), phone number (if it is external call), date and time of call, call duration.

Record icon displays the status of call:

  • Incoming call
  • Outgoing call
  • Missed call

The search field is located under the list of calls. It is possible to search by phone number or by name of the user. You can also make a call by typing phone number into search filed and pressing Call option.

Double click on the entry allows to make repeated call to the subscriber.

Options displayed on the left panel:

"Connect" - activates the voice server, option is active when connection to the telephony is prohibited. User is able to make internal calls (inside the system) and external calls to any specified phone number.

"Open entries" - opens a folder with all the audio files (files with recorded conversations).

"Test Call" - allows to check settings and quality of connection by making a call to the test center Prostoy.Ru. In this case you have to leave your message after the voicemail greeting. If you are not able to hear greeting or your message, you should check the phone settings (speakers and microphone).

"Clear history" - erases the history of recent calls;

"Delete record" - removes recorded conversations selected in history;

"Call" - allows to call to the number/name selected in history

"Export History" - allows to export call history (for the selected period) to a *. csv file. After the option is selected, new window appears. In this window you should specify time period of the calls you want to export. Option allows to save file in specified location.

Properties of each call are specified, including its status (incoming or outgoing), user name (for internal calls), phone number (for external calls), date and time of call and its duration as well as general information such as total number of incoming and outgoing calls and total talk time.

Using the context menu of the Call History, you can make a call (Enter), open Settings tab, or create a contact for the new (unknown) number (in this case New Contact window appears with unknown number (selected from the history) in the field "Cell").