I consult both - private and legal entities - since 2005. I did not automate my processes, all the records about customers, scheduled meetings and active projects I kept in my diary or just remembered.

I have many clients and usually I work on several projects at the same time. It is just impossible to keep everything in mind, so I could not avoid blunders sometimes. But in my business even the slightest mistake can result in the loss of the customer. So I decided to try "Prostoy Business" - tool for the effective management of the tasks and projects. With the help of this program I was able to create really big client base without forgetting anything.

"Prostoy Business" is a very convenient tool for task management. It allows you to split the workflow into projects, to assign appropriate tasks to each project, to set the deadline of the execution of tasks and to define their priority and budget. It forms the business, increase efficiency of the work, and, of course, improves the outcome and overall performance. Communication tools developed by "Prostoy Business" offers an opportunity to keep correspondence with customers in a convenient way. I also appreciated the possibility to create electronic document management system.

The program has simple and friendly interface, everything is easy. It takes 15-20 minutes to adapt to the new environment but with the time you just improve your skills automatically. Gradually I was opening new features of the system. And another great thing about program is its speed. All operations are performed in a split second. I is great that the system of free and multifunctional.