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There are two basic elements in each project that are interrelated: costs and scope. What's included in costs? Time and resources. Scope means the size of the project, its final goal and appropriate requirements. All of these parameters have to be managed simultaneously. Therefore, for successful management each business entity needs a tool that allows to control all the points at the same time. And what is more - this tool has to demonstrate the overall picture in the descriptive way. And that is exactly what project management system "Prostoy Business" offers to its customers.

"Prostoy Business" helps to visualize the objectives of the project taking in account the specificity of the perception of concrete user. Objectives can be presented as a tree chart, Mind Map, or Gantt chart. Each task in the system is attended with history, so it is really easy to recover the chain of events. There are also features that facilitate record of funds, allocated for the project, and the planned return of the project. Another tool - project matrix - provides an overview of the current and planned projects, actual earnings and expenses, deadlines and other indicators. This clearness decreases time expenditures and increases effectiveness and profitability of the business entity.

Intuitive interface and well-considered structure of the software provide enjoyable user experience. You create project, you add organizations and contacts, attach all the documents needed, create descriptions and notes. Finally the whole picture is right on your screen, each stage of the process is easy to trace, easy to control, easy to manage. What is important - "Prostoy Business" system is a strong tool for the socialization inside the enterprise, but it is absolutely save as you can control access to each level of the system. And each process can be managed even remotely, your presence in office is not that crucial anymore.

"Prostoy Business" is a great solution for the project management. It is easy, it is effective. You control your costs and the scope at the same time. Each step is visualized. Now the management is successful.