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Content management system CMS

CMS "Prostoy Business" is aimed to simplify the site management. With this system technical education is not required - everyone can create site, fill it with content and edit content easily. It allows you to create desirable hierarchy of pages and the structure of the website, quickly create links to materials that are published on the site, enables you to control publishing time of the content. It is also possible to hide content at some certain time if needed. Site map and table of contents appear automatically after the content is added. But it does not mean that your site will look exactly the same with other ones - you can implement your own design templates.

You can assign the site management to your employees, so the information on you website will be always updated without participation of a third party (so-called professionals). Content statistics give you better understanding of the site-client interaction and necessary improvements. CMS "Prostoy Business" also offers you a possibility to deploy your web site to the server. Online store module is already build into the system, you just need to post the goods, add description and pictures. What is more - there are social interaction tools inside the CMS that allows to communicate with customers and partners.

With CMS "Prostoy Business" you can save time, as it is fast and easy, money - as you do not need external professionals anymore, and to improve performance of your website. It is easy and effective. The interface is very intuitive, so training courses are not required. You just automatically optimize all web-related processes inside the business entity