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Client relationship management CRM

CRM is an effective strategy that allows to reduce costs and to increase performance and profitability of the company. The very idea of it is to organize information from different sources and to present it in a descriptive way. It allows to get holistic picture about sale process in general and each client in particular. It includes tools that help to control each stage of employee - customer interaction from first communication and up to the sale point. Therefore, it is not just ease the management of the process, but also provides with an essential information, such as customer behavior. This information, which is based on statistics and analysis, offers a possibility to develop stronger relationships with customers.

CRM "Prostoy Business" presupposes the next features:

  • Client base and contacts management tool. You can create contacts, fill in information about them, form them by groups etc.
  • Information exchange tool. The whole range of communication instruments, including: text messages, telephony, video conferencing and webinars. Telephony allows you to record a conversation, and sends notifications to remind about important calls. Smart Mail system structures mail flow and makes emails available for the all participants of the work process.History tracking. System allows you to continue your relationship with the clients or suppliers, regardless the time of the last contact, as you can see what has been discussed previously. Now the process of assignation of the customers to different employees or departments is much more transparent and less laborious.
  • Statistical control. You always aware of the situation, so you can plan the budget according to the projections. There is no need for the additional paper work - all the information appears on your screen automatically.
  • Automation tool. You can automate the process of the distribution of the commercial offers via fax and email. You can choose recipients manually or automatically. This tool helps to decrease time expenditures dramatically.

There are also many other tools and instruments to ease client relationship management. But is does not mean, that the program requires a lot of time for learning and implementation inside the business entity. Its interface is very easy and intuitive, you don't need any additional training courses. Very soon after the system is implemented, you will see how useful and effective it is.