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Document management system DMS

DMS "Prostoy Business" significantly simplifies documentation procedures. It allows to reduce time expenditures for the paper work, as it offers effective tools for the document management and also makes the process much more transparent and less laborious. This software includes the next set of features:

  • Single database for the enterprise documentation. Such database simplifies the distribution of the important information and makes it possible to find certain document within a few seconds. It streamlines work inside the organization and expedites document exchange with the external contacts.
  • Advanced search. Makes it easy to find document and to establish to which task or project it belongs. All documents can be edited and replaced if needed. Access control is implemented, so it is feasible to set visibility of each document for internal contacts and to share them with external contacts as well.
  • Library of the document templates. User can prepare required documents really fast, basing on the existed templates. Such feature reduces the probability of possible mistakes. New templates can be added as well, so each time employees are armed with a necessary template.
  • Collaborative document editing. Very strong tool, it allows to assign documentation to concrete group of people, makes it possible to communicate, to share files, to edit them and to upload them to Internet, to use instant messaging and audio/video conferences, to collaborate with external users - and all of this is inside the program interface.
  • Digital signature. Allows to conclude a contracts, to conduct transactions, to send reports to tax authorities right from the program. It is secure and reduces time costs for such operations dramatically

So, with DMS "Prostoy Business" all the document work becomes easy and much more effective. There are many other features you will discover during you work with the program. And what is good - it is so simple and intuitive that you don't need to spend significant time for the learning.