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One of the most valuable assets of every organization - is its employees. Effectiveness of employees improves competitiveness and profitability of the business entity. That is why well organized human resources management is so important for the overall performance. HR Management system "Prostoy Business" is designed to increase productivity of the employees. "Prostoy Business" includes various tools that allow to present employee's profiles in a structured fashion, to manage stuff through the task's drafting, to set and to monitor task's execution and to evaluate the real effectiveness of each employee fairly. Among features:

  • User profiles filled by employees.
  • Convenient permission system that allows to set access to the documents, projects, tasks, accounts and other elements for each user.
  • A possibility to add not just internal, but also remote workers.
  • A possibility to store documents, user profiles and another information. Very convenient search system allows to find information immediately. All information is structured in a descriptive way.
  • An opportunity to analyze the performance of the staff, to evaluate their effectiveness and to monitor execution.
  • Tool for the implementation of the professional trainings and learning programs.
  • Time management tools.
  • Automatic calculation of the suitability of the candidate.
  • A possibility to share knowledge, experience and competencies inside the program's interface.
  • Proficiency testing (personal qualities, intellectual and cognitive abilities, business competence).

With "Prostoy Business" it is possible to implement effective motivation systems, to reduce time expenditures for the management and costs. At the same time the program is easy-in-use and does not require any special skills but the general computer knowledge. It takes 15-20 minutes to understand the program without any trainings or additional costs. "Prostoy Business" eases work for both - stuff and leaders.