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Interface of the Main Window

After you start the program, the Main Window (presented at the figure below) appears.

Interface, Of, The, Main, Window

Pop-up menu (всплывающее меню вкладки)

Main menu (главное меню)

Active server

Call center

Tabs search

Main Menu, Menu located under the butterfly pic., Menu icon in the system compartment.

  • "Profile" - runs the window with user's personal information
  • "New" - allows you to create a new project, task, contact, corporate contact, contact of the group, and add group, organization, quick start option
  • Search" - advanced search option allows to find comments, tasks, contacts, organizations, and another information
  • "Calls" - the history of the calls of the user;
  • "Calendar" - opens the calendar with tasks and projects of the user;
  • "Go" - opens a window to that allows quick access to the tasks, files, comments, and accounts;
  • "Categories" - opens a window with the general categories;
  • "Invite" - opens a window where you can create invitation for users (as private person or organization).
  • "Prostoy.Ru" - starts the browser and loads the home page of
  • "Data exchange" - opens the window of the data exchange with the server
  • "Offline mode" - allows to work offline without communication with the server
  • "Check for updates" - searches for available updates of the program on the server. If the update is found, program offers to install it.
  • "Help" - contains detailed information how to use the program;
  • "Hide/Open" - minimizes/restores the main window;
  • "Exit" - shuts down the program;

Options of the Main Menu that are not displayed on the top of the windows are hidden under the - > button Interface, Of, The, Main, Window.

To get access to the Main menu Option you need to left click on the icon of clover in the upper left corner of the screen. Dropdown menu will appear.


  • "Contacts" - a list of the user's contacts, including organizations, users, and contacts;
  • "My tasks" - list of tasks of the user and all tasks in which he is chosen as executor;
  • "Projects" - displays a tree of projects that includes personal projects and tasks of the user, as well as projects and tasks of the organizations;
  • "Run" - quick launch of favorite programs, web resources, documents;
  • "History" - the history of recent changes of the objects that are available for the concrete user. Objects are grouped by categories: "Tasks", "Comments", "Notifications", and "Files";
  • "Technical Support" - opens a window "Prostoy.Ru technical support" where user can ask for the support in a case of inappropriate work of the program or difficulties.