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Transition window

To open window that allows transition to the task, file or comment, user has to press "Go" option in the main menu of the program or click ... button located in the bottom of each task (it is also possible to use keys Win + G).

Transition, Window

Transition window contains four tabs for the transition to the tasks, files, comments and users. It is possible to go to the object by entering its ID in the appropriate tab and clicking "Go" button. If object is not found, user receives an appropriate message.


  • "ID" - opens the task and displays its SID
  • "File" - opens the task and highlights a comment, in which file with such ID is contained.
  • "Comment" - opens the task and highlights a comment with specified ID.
  • "User" - opens the user profile with the specified ID.
  • "Account" - opens account. It is possible to search for the concrete account by specifying its number, and year of formation.